For the first time to primary school

Voor het eerst naar de basisschool

There is a time when children have to go to primary school. A new phase in your child's life and at the same time an exciting development for the parents. Do you not yet fully map out what you can expect or what you should pay attention to? We have some useful tips. This way you know how you can best prepare your child for primary school.


Choosing a primary school

Most parents look well in advance for information about primary schools and how they can prepare their child. The first step to do that is choosing a primary school. Which primary school is suitable for your child and what can you pay attention to during the selection process? It is best to investigate early. Check the website of primary schools in the neighborhood or visit during an open day. Together with your child you can see if this school suits you.


Register for a primary school: the sooner the better

Parents often get out of the registration time and waiting lists that some primary schools have to deal with. Our tip: the sooner the better. That way you prevent you from being put on the waiting list. Especially in the big cities it is important to take into account the waiting lists and registration time for children.


Childcare or not?

Primary schools have a changing schedule, this often differs per primary school. So keep in mind that there will be days when your child has already finished school at 14:00 or 15:00. Parents often still work around this time, which means that daycare has to be arranged. Do you do this yourself? Or is there an after -school care where your child can go? Good to think about!


The first day to school

When the time has finally come and your child can go to primary school, the real work starts. Going to school for the first time is of course very exciting for many children. Therefore make a nice experience of it. That starts with choosing school supplies together and looking around at school. For example, cycle the route to school together and are already planning a short introductory meeting. Because of this you give your child the feeling of trust and the first day will be a lot less scary.


Saying goodbye

Saying goodbye to each other at school for the first time is difficult for parents as well as children. But you can also practice this process together. Especially children who have difficulty saying goodbye can benefit from this. For example, start with an afternoon or night at grandpa & amp; Grandma stay or let your child play with someone else. Slowly but surely you will see that saying goodbye is a lot easier. In addition, some children are used to going to childcare, this also makes saying goodbye easier.

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