This is what music can do for your child!

Dit is wat muziek voor je kind kan doen!

Musical Parents, Musical Child

It's often said that when a child's parents have a musical inclination, the child is likely to develop a talent for music as well. Music is also a great tool for helping your child learn new things, such as music history, a sense of rhythm, counting beats, or singing. In this article, you'll discover what music can do for your child's development.

Musical Upbringing

Music is beneficial for your child's development for various reasons. Are you also fond of music? Then you can take your child's upbringing to the next level: a musical upbringing. Opting for a musical upbringing means exposing your child to music from an early age. From K3 to Soul or Jazz, nothing is too extravagant.

Music Helps Your Child Develop Their Own Identity

By introducing your child to music at an early age, you stimulate the development of their own identity. How so? By exposing them to various musical styles, children learn which genres they enjoy through play. It's also fun to, for example, share songs that were popular when you were a child. Share more about your favorite genre!

Music Aids Relaxation

When you're not feeling your best or have had a busy day, music can help you relax. By playing music, you improve the atmosphere at home, as it calms everyone down. If your child is feeling sad, it can also be wonderful to dance out the emotions together to music.

Music Enhances Concentration

As music has a calming effect, children can concentrate better while listening to it. This helps them stay focused on a particular activity for longer periods. Want to truly enhance concentration? Research shows that listening to a lot of classical music can help.

The Musical Instruments Set by Kadoing

Relaxation, concentration, and learning to dance to the beat. There are numerous benefits that come with music. But you can also let your child play with musical instruments themselves. This is beneficial for both fine motor skills and gross motor skills like movement. In our webshop, we sell various products to assist with this, including the musical instruments set. This is an 18-piece wooden music set that allows your child to play and experiment freely.

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