This is what music can do for your child!

Dit is wat muziek voor je kind kan doen!

Musical parents, musical child. It is often said that when the parents of a child are built musically, the child later also develops a talent for music. Music is a good way to let your child learn new things, think of music history, sense of rhythm, counting the size or singing. In this article you can read what music can do for your child's development.


Musical education

Music is good for your child's development for various reason. HOW also love music? Then you can raise the parenting of your child to a higher level: musical upbringing. If you choose a musical education, you let your child come into contact with music at an early stage. From K3, to soul or jazz, nothing is too crazy.


Music helps your child to develop his own identity

By having your child come into contact with music at an early age, you stimulate the development of his or her own identity. How? By hearing different styles of music, children learn to playfully what kind of genre they themselves like. It is also nice to make songs that were popular when you were a child yourself. Tell me more about your favorite genre!


Music helps relax

If you don't feel comfortable or have a busy day, music can help relax. By setting up music you improve the atmosphere in the house, it makes everyone calmer. If your child is sad, for example, it can also be wonderful to dance the emotions to music together.


Music increases the concentration

Because music soothes can concentrate better. Because of this they will keep it up for longer when they are working on a certain activity. Do you really want to improve the concentration? Research shows that you have to listen to a lot of classical music.


The musical instruments set from Kadoing

relaxation, concentration and learn to dance to the size. There are all kinds of benefits that music entails. But of course you can also let your child play with musical instruments. This is good for fine motor skills as well as the coarse motor skills such as moving. In our webshop we sell various products that help with this, including the musical instruments set. This is an 18-part wooden music set with which your child can play and experiment.

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