5 original ways to celebrate Saint Nicholas

5 originele manieren om sinterklaas te vieren

Saint Nicholas is already in the country for a while! That requires a lot of fun with family and friends, presents from the Saint and of course all the candy that Piet brings. Do you not yet know exactly how you want to celebrate Saint Nicholas? Then we have five original ways for you to celebrate Sinterklaas evening! An unforgettable evening guaranteed.

1. Hide the gifts from Saint throughout the house

Saint Nicholas has visited but did it differently than usual this year. He has hidden the gifts throughout the house! This is a fun way to celebrate Saint Nicholas evening with the children. Give hints and let your children search for their gift (tjes). This way the children are equally sweet and you can breathe as a parent. But more importantly, when the children finally find their gift, that ensures extra satisfaction.

2. Saintbingo

Bingo but with a creative twist! Saintbingo is fairly simple, you play bingo with each other as you always do. Only this time someone has bingo, can he or she choose a gift. Tip from Saint Nicholas: Put the names of the children on the gifts, so you know for sure that they are the right suits and there is no fight among themselves. Do you prefer to play Saintbingo blindly? No problem! Then the person who has bingo may choose a gift. This is extra fun when you occasionally add crazy shapes or gift boxes to the pile of gifts.

3. Grabbag

The old -fashioned grabbing from a grab bag remains fun for young and old. That's because you don't know what you grabble, so it remains a surprise with what kind of gift you go home. Children in particular like these kinds of games. Grabbing also helps to prevent Saint Nicholas from becoming a graai festival. How? Grab a name in turn, is your name scrambled? Then it is your turn to take a gift. In this way the evening also takes a little longer and there is more room for each other.

4. Organize a treasure hunt

When hiding the presents is no longer sufficient because your children are a bit older, a treasure hunt is the solution. Make a map of the house and put crosses in the places where Sint left his gifts. This makes the search for gifts for children a little more difficult and the evening stays fun for everyone. Do you want a step further? Then make word samples and puzzles that answer where the gifts are hidden ... that is being blown!

5. Make a surprise together

A classic during Saint Nicholas evening is pulling lots. At Lootjes, everyone puts their name and gifts on a piece of paper. After this the papers are put in a pot and take turns a lottery ticket. For those on your lot, make a poem or surprise. You may not immediately think of Lootjes when you celebrate Sinterklaas with children. But tinkering together is great fun for both older and child. Let your creativity run free and enjoy your time together!

In what way do you celebrate Saint Nicholas with the children? And for the Sint who is still looking for gift inspiration, here you will find some nice tips!

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